Recently Published Poems
Not Enough
The December New Voices section of Poetic Medicine features my poem, "Not Enough".

In light of the 2016 election, Eve Lyons, the curator, decided Poetic Medicine will be another vehicle for the resistance, publishing new work on themes about "Black Lives Matter" and other marginalized groups at risk in a Trump presidency.
Hate Speech in a Hostile World
The November 15 Placeholder Magazine features three of my poems: "Lessons from Martin Niemöller", "Hate Speech ≠ Free Speech", and "Braving a Hostile World".

A fiercely independent critical voice covering contemporary arts, culture, and literature, Placeholder Magazine provides an accessible forum for diverse voices as well as energizing and activating young leaders through artistic practice, collaborative and collective decision making, and community-based projects.
Portland Heroes
True Colors and False Flags
My poems "Portland Heroes", "#BiVisibility", and "True Colors and False Flags" are featured in the inaugural issue of Weatherbeaten, "a refuge for those seeking asylum from the storm. It's a home to those ravaged by the downpour of current and future harsh conditions--ice storms, floods, drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, infrastructure failure, eco-terrorism, corporatism, fascistic rule, racial injustice and hatred, gender bias, sexual discrimination, poverty--and to those who have survived the catastrophes past."