Online Appearances

The Chapbook Interview
On The Chapbook Interview, I discuss the evolution of publishing from cold type to PageMaker to e-books. The interview, with teacher and chapbook author Laura Madeline Wiseman, covers four decades of change in chapbook publishing.

The Chapbook Interview publishes interviews about the chapbook as a genre, art form, and vessel for creative work. Interviews explore all aspects of chapbook craft.
Recently Published Poems
Blood Moon and Crystals
The haiku, Blood Moon, and the shadorma, Crystals, appear in the Fall, 2018 issue of Door is a Jar Magazine.

Door is a Jar Magazine -- a print and digital publication of poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, drama and artwork -- "steers away from mere academic writing, and focuses on writing that is accessible for all readers."

Chains of Injustice
Kosmos Journal published Chains of Injustice as part of the We the World Days of Unity campaign, a worldwide platform for the promotion of peace, justice, sustainability, and transformation. Kosmos Journal informs, inspires, and engages participation in global transformation by sharing transformational thinking and policy initiatives, aesthetic beauty, and collective wisdom.

The Fall 2018 issue of Parentheses Journal includes my poem "Hawk".

Parentheses Journal, an international independent literary journal, believes "we create our own utopias in the imperfections of being. The voices contain within figments of dust and deep trenches, everyday harmonies, and soliloquies in the sand."